Cricket must wait as the IOC delays deciding on new sports for LA28

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has delayed making a decision, therefore the Olympic date for cricket will have to wait.

The IOC’s Executive Board (EB), which was initially scheduled to vote on Friday on whether to add cricket to the Olympic program, will now instead discuss which new sports should be added to the Olympics in 2028. The meeting will still go ahead as scheduled. The IOC has postponed the scheduled online media conference where it was going to reveal the new sports for the Los Angeles Games in 2028 and has stated that it would handle the issue at a later time.

“A report from the IOC Olympic Programme Commission on the sports program for the Olympic Games LA28 was one of the agenda items that was originally intended for the IOC EB. The Olympic Programme Commission has not yet had the chance to meet to prepare its final report for the IOC EB due to ongoing discussions between the IOC and the Organising Committee. As a result, the IOC Executive Board meeting will be held at a future date to review the sports program for the Olympic Games LA28, the IOC announced on Wednesday.

It’s important to note that the situation with cricket remains unchanged since it is largely anticipated that it will be included in the Olympic program once the topic is reviewed. According to insiders, the LA 28 organizing committee and the IOC are currently discussing which sports and disciplines will be included.

After the EB makes a decision, the issue will be discussed and ratified by the IOC session in Mumbai the following month. The likelihood has increased that the following EB meeting will occur prior to the Mumbai session, which is slated for October 15–17.

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