Introducing Orbit Exchange to Transform Online Betting

An overview of Orbit Exchange

If you have heard about Orbit Exchange and would like to know more about it or about opening an Orbit Exchange account, you’ve come to the correct place. In this article, we’ll provide you with all the details you require regarding the Orbit Exchange account and explain how you may use it to place bets. Let us first clarify what this orbit exchange is and how it varies from traditional betting.

What is Orbit Exchange? 

Orbit exchange differs from traditional betting in a few ways. On-orbit exchanges, you can wager against other participants. There is an alternative platform with notably different capabilities for this. Here, a wide variety of games and betting opportunities are offered. To be more specific, Orbit Exchange is an enhanced and refined form of gaming that continuously improves. In Orbit Exchange, you’ll encounter new dimensions and planets together with fresh aspects pertaining to betting. With Orbit Exchange, you might observe a multiplication of your investment returns in addition to a rise in your profit margins.

A Closer Look at Orbitx Betting Exchange

You can challenge any other participant on Orbit Exchange, which is one way that it differs from Normal Betting. If you’d like, you can set the odds and invite bettors to place wagers. Your money can be used to buy a variety of various games. It’s a better deal for you overall because you also gain from more earnings, reduced commissions, and no premium costs. Beyond this, you also get a more attractive user interface. Yes, in order to create an account here, a representative is needed. To learn more about this and how to make one, continue reading.

Key features of Orbit Exchange

  • Even though Betfair runs the platform, the two aren’t the same. There are differences between the two in terms of interface and how winning wagers are billed to commissions. However, liquidity and odds are equivalent.
  • You can discuss a somewhat different wager with the agent or broker who will offer you an Orbit exchange account, even though the minimum wager is seven euros (€7).
  • Orbit Exchange receives a fee rate of 3 percent from most brokers, which is less than what is offered on Betfair.
  • One other important feature of an Orbit exchange account that sets it apart from Betfair is the lack of Premium Charges. Although some knowledgeable bettors might have shied away from Betfair due to premium fees, this site has been able to go without them.
  • By selecting the CASH OUT button, you can lock in a profit or loss before your event ends.

How Orbit Exchange differs from traditional betting platforms

1) Commission Charges

Betfair commission fees range from 5% to a minimum of 2% for specific users. Conversely, Orbitz charges a fixed 3,5% commission on all wins made by Orbit Exchange users. It is safe to conclude, then, that Orbit outperforms Betfair’s regular 5% fee. If you wager with large stakes, this enables you to save a significant amount of money.

2) The Exchange and Chances

It’s safe to conclude that both platforms provide some decent betting deals in terms of the market and odds. But our bettors’ experiences suggest that Orbit appears to have marginally better odds than Betfair.

The Orbit Exchange Advantage

In the contemporary betting industry, a plethora of platforms and betting exchanges have recently taken the market by surprise. These creative wagering concepts can also offer a host of benefits to the average bettor. One of the well-known exchanges that attracts the interest of gamblers is Orbit. Thus, we’ll look at the elements in this piece that might be drawing more and more experienced gamblers to Orbit exchange brokers. Simply said, the main reason why many customers and Orbit exchange brokers like this platform is that it offers a plethora of benefits over traditional bookies, including better rates and excellent liquidity.

Orbitx Betting vs Conventional Bookmakers

The main reasons why customers choose Orbit Exchange over a traditional bookmaker are their superior prices and massive liquidity. On a betting exchange, players can wager against each other as opposed to the bookmaker. Like two friends who disagree on a sporting event, Orbit Exchange only acts as a mediator, keeping the money and giving the winner’s prize.

Benefits of choosing Orbit Exchange for Betting

Through Orbit Exchange or Orbitexch, you may place exchange bets on a range of sports and other markets, providing you with several options to boost your betting winnings. It provides a fast and reliable platform, great features, and a high bet acceptance rate. In terms of the betting experience it offers, it is comparable to Betfair Exchange.

OrbitExch accounts with low winnings commission rates are offered by BetInAsia. There is no commission paid on lost bets. By selecting the “CASH OUT” button, you can lock in your profit or loss before the event expires. The Cash Out icon is displayed on OrbitExch betting markets that have that capability.

Unique Selling Points of Orbitx Bet

A well-liked substitute for traditional cricket betting, Cricketbook is an addition to the Orbit Exchange network. Although the balances of your betting accounts at Cricketbook and OrbitExch are different, you can quickly transfer funds between them as needed.

The trade page on Criketbook will give you access to more markets and betting options. If you want more liquidity on your favorite cricket matches, this is a great option. The central region contains the betting markets that offer a broad variety of possible outcomes. But it’s important to keep in mind that at the present moment, Cricketbook simply lets you “BACK” a bet on these complex markets.

Getting started with Orbit Exchange

Orbit Exchange is a potent and state-of-the-art betting exchange, powered by Betfair. It offers amazing features, markets, liquidity, and bet acceptance speed to be pretty successful and give a Betfair-like experience. BetInAsia provides accounts with reduced winning bet commissions as an agent for Orbit Exchange. To have access to OrbitExch’s betting exchange alternatives, register for a BetInAsia account right now.

Creating your Orbit Exchange Account

April 2017 saw the launch of Orbit Exchange, a brand-new betting exchange. You may anticipate a comparable experience and find that the markets, features, liquidity, and bet acceptance speed are all very decent because it is powered by Betfair.

A step-by-step guide to registering on Orbitx Bet

How to register

Registering at Orbit is easy. Using a betting broker’s services is, in our opinion, the best option, but you may easily register an account at Orbit and make payments with Skrill, Neteller, or bank transfers. However, the best betting agent, BET-IBC, offers a plethora of other methods, including cryptocurrencies and Ecopayz, to finance your betting account.

Consult Orbit Exchange

Orbit now offers customer assistance via its Facebook page, but if you open an account with an agent, you will definitely have access to a lot more choices, such as email and live chat support.

Verifying your Orbit Exchange Account

  • It’s time to add money to your account now! To make deposits and get your money, you must be able to conduct electronic transactions. E-wallets, cryptocurrency wallets, or fast and sepa transfers are the available methods.
  • If you intend to deposit cryptocurrency for the first time, select the desired quantity and locate the cryptocurrency’s EURO equivalent in your account. To deposit 20 EUR in Bitcoin, for instance, you would deposit 0.00049 BTC. Before making a deposit, you must verify the EUR-BTC equivalency due to the volatility of cryptocurrency. 
  • Use the payment option of your choice to send the funds. Your account will be activated as soon as we receive your deposit and credit your monies in EUR to your Orbitx account. You will receive an email from us right away with your username, password, and the Orbit Exchange platform’s URL.

Navigating the Orbit Exchange Customer Dashboard

To what extent is the platform secure? Do they give gamers’ security top priority? Do they need their players to provide any kind of verification? 

In the gambling sector, security is a major concern, and gamblers steer clear of sites that treat security concerns lightly. Orbit Exchange is extremely picky about its users’ security. Even if an agent or broker helped you register, avoid taking deals from haphazard or dishonest brokers. They want further documents for KYC verification even after a successful registration. For the players’ safety, all of these precautions have been taken.

Depositing and withdrawing funds

The methods for making deposits and withdrawals may also differ based on your broker or agent. They do, however, accept a number of payment methods, and depending on where you live, the alternatives that are accessible to you may differ slightly.

Orbit retains your money in a BIA Wallet following deposits to ensure its security. The platform can ask for additional confirmations once you’ve made your deposits. 

What are the available payment methods? 

  • Skrill Bank Transfer 
  • Neteller
  • Cryptopay 
  • Ecopayz 
  • Astropay

Withdrawal Process and Timelines

With Orbit Exchange, withdrawals are also simple and can only be completed when you have a balance. It is required by the platform that you make the deposit using the same method. Additionally, it needs to have the same name on your Orbit account regardless of how you pay. 

To step back, Once you log in to your account, look for the banking symbol. There should be a withdraw button there. You’ll be prompted to provide further information about your withdrawal, including the amount and banking method, in the pop-up that appears next. If you don’t utilize the same banking method that you used to make the deposit, Orbit won’t approve your request. Depending on your chosen method, your request will be processed and sent to you in a few days following additional confirmation.

It is important to know that Orbit handles all withdrawal requests the following day. In other words, you should begin counting from tomorrow if you request withdrawals today. They don’t mean to cause you any inconvenience, but occasionally, they might find it too much to handle the withdrawal request in a single day. They thus put your requests in a queue for the following day in order to prevent mistakes and further delays.

Orbit Exchange Betting Markets

The house always wins. Given how often this has been stated, it must be true, right? Not exactly, actually. It would be more accurate to say that “the house usually wins”.

Yes, it isn’t always the case that the house (a sports bookmaker in this case) wins. In fact, they make mistakes all the time, and if you’re smart, you could be able to recognize when they do and take advantage of it! It’s not even necessary to be an expert or particularly interested in sports; all you need to know is how to do some simple mathematics.

Exploring Orbitx Betting Options

Orbit leads the pack if we classify exchanges based on the betting choices they provide. This exchange is powered by Betfair, which gives users equitable and sophisticated betting possibilities. On the platforms, there are alternatives for more than 30 sports.

It’s also important to note that Orbit has a unique interest in cricket. For those who would rather play cricket, there is a special area called Cricketbook. Additionally, the Cricketbook offers a number of betting possibilities, although only back bets are accepted there.

It’s interesting to see that players acknowledge that Orbit offers several betting alternatives with better and greater odds than Betfair. We intend to make the most of it even though we don’t fully grasp the fundamental idea. All things considered, Orbit offers cutting-edge options that will ensure you make more and better revenues. Any exchange would have to work very hard to match the offerings on this platform.

Sports and Events covered

A huge variety of sports, such as basketball, baseball, American football, soccer, tennis, horse racing, darts, mixed martial arts (MMA), ice hockey, volleyball, tennis, and many more, are available for bets at Orbit Exchange. Gamblers can also wager on a variety of e-sports.

Special features of Orbitx Betting

  • A commission is required for players’ gains. An OrbitX account does not, however, have a premium fee, in contrast to a Betfair account.
  • The greatest odds are available for a huge range of sports, including Australian Rules, Darts, MMA, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Tennis and more.
  • Its website is incredibly user-friendly and has a sleek, contemporary design.
  • This exchange is licensed in Curacao and offers very competitive rates, markets, and liquidity. Since Orbit offers a 100% settlement, the amount you see in your accounts is precisely what you will receive. Payouts and market settlements happen quickly and securely.

Orbit Exchange Odds and Trading

Today, Orbit Exchange has great power because of its partnership with Betfair. There are clear parallels between the two platforms, which share the same software. It is practically impossible to encounter bugs or problems in the deal execution, which is faultless. We believe that the trading software functions flawlessly.

The main difference between a betting exchange and a bookmaker is the capacity to place bets. A lay bet asserts that a certain outcome, like Germany losing the match, won’t happen. It’s important to know the difference between a lay and a back bet before you begin betting at a betting exchange.

Back Bets

Maybe you’ve attempted to place a back bet before, but not referring to it as such. Back bets are the same as standard bets made with bookmakers, like betting on Germany to win a football game. On the other hand, each wager has two sides: a prediction that something will happen and a prediction that it won’t.

Lay Bets

The chance that Germany will lose the football game is also included in that wager. You can therefore place a bet on Germany to lose. It is known as a lay bet.

A tie, perhaps? A tie has no effect on your bets because we have wagered on one side to win and another team not to win. A tie, therefore, suggests that the team was unsuccessful. The lay wager also wins.

Understanding Odds on Orbit Exchange

For a betting exchange to operate, a wager must be made and accepted. A person who lays a bet wishes to wager against the same occurrence, while a person who backs a bet wants to stake on a specific outcome.

The bookmaker will inevitably place a wager when it is a traditional wager. Consequently, the bookmaker gains money from your lost bets and loses money from your winning bets. At a betting exchange, you can only place a wager on an outcome if another player is prepared to place a wager against it.

With more people returning to the market, there is more accessible liquidity. Each wager will have a different amount of available liquidity listed just beneath the wagers. 

Tips for successful trading on Orbit Exchange

After the bet has settled and the winner has received their money, the betting exchange will see to it that the winning stake is removed from the loser’s account.

By collecting a commission for this service, the betting exchange generates revenue. This is obviously not the same as a bookmaker, who makes money off of your losses. Usually, the 1.7% to 5% commission is only deducted from the net gains of the winning wager.

One good feature of betting exchanges is that you may choose your own odds. Your money will be returned to your account if your wager is unmatched at the start of the event and becomes worthless if no one is willing to accept such odds. 

Maximizing profits with Orbitx Betting Odds

There are several ways to make money from sports betting, all varying in terms of work and return on investment.

Prior to advancing to more complex tactics, it makes sense to start with those that have the lowest risk and the most potential for return.

The following strategies have the best rate of return, the lowest risk, and the least amount of skill required.

The best 4 methods for making money from sports betting are as follows:

  • Matched Betting
  • Arbitrage Betting
  • Value Betting
  • Investing in a Sports Betting Fund
  • Sharp Value Betting

Orbit Exchange Promotions & Bonuses

Orbit Exchange promotions can be a little tricky. Orbit does not have a stand-alone registration because Betfair is working to lift limitations in different nations. Rather, to access Orbit, you must work with a betting broker or agent.

Why do I need a special mediator to access Orbit, you might wonder? It, thus, lessens the likelihood that you will face limitations. Therefore, all you have to do to get started is work with a broker or agent who is authorized in your nation. As you are using an authorized gateway, you have complete access.

What therefore is the purpose of our justifications, and what connection does this have to promotions at this exchange? It suggests, first of all, that Orbit promotions are highly arbitrary. 

Welcome offers and promotions

When it comes to coming up with creative tactics to either retain their current player base or attract new ones, bookies of all stripes are usually creative. Whether we are discussing a typical bookmaker, an Asian, a betting exchange, or a broker, they are all very concerned with maintaining the highest possible level of player interest.

And what better means of advancing your cause than with an alluring incentive for sports betting? starting with the no-risk daily wagers and the sign-up betting bonus. All of the many kinds of benefits for both new and returning players are included below, ranging from a fantastic loyalty program to a reload bonus.

New user bonuses on Orbit Exchange

Welcome bonus for sports betting

This is the most typical kind of bonus, designed specifically for those who are new to a sportsbook, betting exchange, or broker. The sports betting website must express its gratitude to the players for selecting them in yet another way. The welcome bonus for betting typically equals the amount of your initial deposit. This implies that you will be able to start betting with 200€ if you top up your account with 100€.

Bonus for betting without a deposit

Since all players need to do is finish their registration, this is by far the most well-liked bonus offered by sports betting sites. Yes, it’s quite easy! To have a taste of the services the provider offers, you must open a new account with the betting exchange or bookmaker of your choice. A small amount will be waiting for you in your account.

Periodic promotions for existing users

Bonuses for betting deposits and reloads

Players who have already taken advantage of their welcome offer but still require further bonus betting are eligible for this kind of promotion. The reload bonus may be offered as part of a general promotion or through one-on-one correspondence with players. Players who have made their first deposit and received the Welcome Bonus in the first scenario will have the opportunity to receive another one with their second, third, fourth, and so forth deposits.

Greetings and Free Bet

Betting enthusiasts would much prefer a strategy that includes a free bet over the Welcome Bonus. The aforementioned deal is a one-time promotion, so it won’t last long, but it’s nice that any profits are promptly withdrawable should they occur. Naturally, there are still limitations on how to use it, such as minimum odds or payment methods that are not accepted by the offer.

Loyalty Programs and Rewards

In this instance, the players receive rewards from the betting website for their wagering activities. Following a string of wagers, the bookies usually extend a small token of gratitude to the gamblers for their confidence. They return something to them. That might take the shape of a wager with no danger. As a no-deposit incentive that can be used in full or in part. There are rollover requirements, as there are with every deal. You might resist the urge to take back the bookmaker’s “gift” right away.

Orbit Exchange Customer Support 

You can use the contact form to send the support team a note if you run into any issues. To utilize this option, you need to log into your account. As an alternative, you can address all of your concerns by getting in touch with your betting broker. You can email, use Skype, or use live chat to get in touch with the support staff if you use BFB247 brokerage.

Navigating Orbix Betting Help Center

If you’re stuck at any point, there’s a team of qualified expert individuals at Orbit Exchange who’ll guide you and help you solve your problem. 

FAQ Section: Common Queries Answered

We’ve got an FAQ section in Orbit Exchange where a list of queries has been answered by our team which makes it easier for you while using this platform. 


The main reasons why customers choose Orbit Exchange over a traditional bookmaker are their superior prices and massive liquidity. On a betting exchange, players can wager against each other as opposed to the bookmaker. Like two friends who disagree on a sporting event, Orbit Exchange only acts as a mediator, keeping the money and giving the winner’s prize.

Orbit Exchange does not take positions in the markets, therefore unlike bookmakers, they assist winners.

Orbit Exchange FAQs

1)How is Orbit Exchange operated?

A formidable platform that rivals the esteemed Betfair exchange is Orbit Exchange. They provide exclusive trading and wagering options covering more than 30 sports. They also have some of the greatest odds you’ll ever come upon.

2) At Orbit Exchange, how much commission is assessed on my transactions?

Orbit Exchange charges a fixed fee of 3% for each winning. This brand’s benefit is that there is no commission charged on losses.

3) Is Orbit Exchange reputable?

Indeed, Orbit Exchange is legitimate for every win. They are in possession of a current Curacao gambling license, and they have a stellar record for keeping consumers safe.

News on Orbit

Clinical Australia take 1-0 lead

Clinical Australia took a 1-0 lead in the two-match Test series on Friday (January 19) after crushing the West Indies by 10 wickets in Adelaide. On the third morning, a bowling attack spearheaded by Mitchell Starc took just over an hour to destroy the West Indies tail, while another clever last-wicket stand by the tourists insured that Australia would have to bat again for a meagre total of 26.


New Zealand secures series after Finn Allen special

In the five-match Twenty20 International series against Pakistan, New Zealand has an unbeatable 3-0 lead thanks to a remarkable innings by Finn Allen. With New Zealand scoring a robust 224 on the scoreboard, Allen struck 16 sixes, which was tied for the most in the format, to score 137. Pakistan failed miserably to chase the total, losing by 45 runs and giving out the series.


New Zealand secures series after Finn Allen special

In the five-match Twenty20 International series against Pakistan, New Zealand has an unbeatable 3-0 lead thanks to a remarkable innings by Finn Allen. With New Zealand scoring a robust 224 on the scoreboard, Allen struck 16 sixes, which was tied for the most in the format, to score 137. Pakistan failed miserably to chase the total, losing by 45 runs and giving out the series.


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