What is Round Betting in Boxing?

What is boxing’s round betting?

The lovely science of boxing. It is a sport that calls for a lot of intensity, strategic thinking and resolve. And it is a sport that attracts a large audience worldwide. Many of these viewers enjoy placing bets on how long a fight will last or in which round it will end.

The word “round betting” is most frequently used to refer to wagers that forecast how long a match will last. There are numerous permutations and alternatives available. We will go over each of these in detail in this article so that you may make an informed choice about your bets the next time you wager on boxing.

Round Betting – what is it? 

As was already said, there are many different ways to bet on boxing. Round betting typically involves selecting a single round with a specific winner.

4, 6, 8, 10, or 12 rounds can be used in a boxing match. A 12-round fight is typically the length of time when a boxing championship is at stake. As a result, the amount of rounds that are available for betting depends on how many rounds are planned for the specific match.

It’s important to remember that certain betting sites let you choose a round without selecting the actual winner. You can choose either combatant in a certain round or by decision or technical decision at this point. While you obviously have a higher probability of winning your wager, these odds will be lower than if you choose the round and the boxer.

Example Round Betting Odds – Tyson Fury v Deontay Wilder

Round Tyson Fury Deontay Wilder
Round 1 33/1 66/1
Round 2 22/1 50/1
Round 3 18/1 40/1
Round 4 16/1 33/1
Round 5 14/1 28/1
Round 6 14/1 28/1
Round 7 14/1 28/1
Round 8 14/1 28/1
Round 9 16/1 33/1
Round 10 18/1 40/1
Round 11 22/1 50/1
Round 12 33/1 66/1
By Decision or Technical Decision 5/2 12/1
Draw or Technical Draw 22/1


Round Group Betting – An Overview

Moreover, gambling websites will provide round group betting (or sometimes group round betting). This is quite simple, and it allows you to select a range of rounds that you believe a specific boxer will win. The specifics vary from fight to fight, with the largest fights having the most alternatives. They can be in groups of two rounds, three rounds, four rounds, or even six rounds. You may choose your boxer to win in rounds one through and including three, for instance, if the round group betting was in multiples of three.

Once you’ve looked at a fighter’s entire fight record and have observed a string of effective early knockouts, you can decide that grouping rounds is the best option. Considering this, you might choose the fighter who you believe would win in the first three rounds.

Example Round Group Betting Odds – Tyson Fury v Deontay Wilder

Round Group Tyson Fury Deontay Wilder
Rounds 1-3 8/1 18/1
Rounds 4-6 9/2 11/1
Rounds 7-9 9/2 11/1
Rounds 10-12 8/1 18/1


Modest and round

On occasion, you can wager on a boxing match’s final round and way of winning. Boxing matches can conclude in a variety of different ways, so it’s critical to understand this while thinking about this industry. The following are possible outcomes for bouts:

  • Based on a judge’s ruling (or technical decision)
  • Through a technical knockout in which one fighter defeats their opponent

through exclusion

  • By retiring either at the end of a round or in the middle of one

To further clarify some of the tactics stated above, a technical knockout is when the referee adjudicates that a fighter is unable to continue, is unable to defend himself, or is being severely cut or damaged.

Disqualification occurs when a fighter excessively fouls an opponent or disregards the referee’s prior warnings regarding a foul.

When a fighter or their corner refuses to let the fight go on, that is when retirement actually happens. This usually happens when they notice that their fighter has been severely injured or has received too much punishment. In the Billy Joe Saunders vs. Canelo Alvarez fight, Saunders’ corner had to remove him at the end of the eighth round due to an eye socket injury.

When a fighter repeatedly fouls an opponent or disobeys the referee’s prior warnings about a foul, they are disqualified.

A retirement truly occurs when a boxer or their corner refuses to allow the battle to continue. When fans see that their fighter has been gravely hurt or has taken too much punishment, this typically occurs. Due to an eye socket injury, Billy Joe Saunders’ corner had to take him out of the Canelo Alvarez fight at the conclusion of the eighth round.

In conclusion, round betting and the method of victory allow you to select a boxer to win in a particular round as well as the method (or occasionally a range of techniques) of winning. The odds of a successful selection being much higher than merely betting on the round or method alone are due to the additional difficulty in selecting the precise round and approach.

Will it be a long battle?

If you don’t feel like picking a particular round, you can choose whether you think the fight will go the full distance, which would mean that all rounds will be finished without either boxer being knocked out, retired, disqualified, or in any other way losing the battle.

This is ideal if you believe the fight will be a tactical masterclass with relatively weak punches from both competitors, or vice versa if you believe both boxers will be timid with their punches. In this case, the odds might reflect that, favoring the “Yes” choice over the “No” option in the market for “will the battle go the distance?”


It’s crucial to take into account a few criteria while placing a boxing wager. This contains the opponents’ relative skill levels. Sometimes, especially early in a fighter’s career, they may encounter journeymen, who are frequently simpler to defeat or dispose of than would be the case in a major world title match between two top-tier competitors.

It’s crucial to take into account a fighter’s prior records, fighting style, and how many losses or knockout victories they have. You can predict how the future fight might turn out by looking at their prior performances.

In conclusion, round betting can be a fun technique to increase your odds while betting on a single fighter (compared to just backing them to win the fight outright). As an alternative, choosing round group betting can increase your chances of winning, particularly if you don’t indicate which fighter you believe will win each round. So, round betting includes possibilities that might appeal to you regardless of whether you are a risk taker or a very risk-averse person.

Round Betting FAQs

1) How does boxing betting operate?

How do boxing wagers function? Boxing wagers can be placed on a variety of different fight-related variables. Similar bets are put as in other sports betting games, however, there are some additional alternatives. There are many things that can be bet on in a game, including who wins the fight, how long it lasts, and whether the winner is knocked out or stopped.

2) What exactly is a round bet?

Round betting in combat sports refers to any bet on the precise round in which a fight will end or the overall number of rounds in the contest. When it comes to betting on a particular round of MMA or boxing, there are virtually no restrictions.

3) How can I bet on boxing the most effectively?

The simplest way to bet on boxing is on the moneyline. Each fighter in a fight receives a number from the sportsbooks. The combatant with a negative sign in front of their number is the favorite. A + symbol is placed in front of the name of the underdog.

4) What in boxing is a 3-way wager?

A 3-way bet is a wager on an event with three possible results: a win for Team A, a win for Team B, or a tie.


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