What does BTTS mean in betting?

What is meant by BTTS?

“Both teams to score” is denoted by the acronym “BTTS.”

You can wager on whether both teams will score during a game by using the BTTS market.

What is BTTS betting?

In the same way that you may bet on any other market, you can wager on BTTS.

Go to the game you wish to bet on in the sportsbook and open it. BTTS, or “both teams to score,” will be one of the most well-known markets. If you choose “Yes,” your bet slip will now include a wager on both teams scoring. If you choose “No,” your bet slip will now include a wager on at least one team failing to score.

Several BTTS bets can be added to the same bet slip to create a BTTS accumulator. Also, you may combine BTTS bets with other win/draw/win picks to create a more interesting accumulator.

It’s vital to remember that BTTS wagers can only be placed during a game’s regular time. A “BTTS – yes” wager would still be a loser, for example, if a cup game ends 0-0 in extra time but ends 1-1 after extra time.

Betting on football BTTS

Football dominates the BTTS market since it is such a low-scoring sport and there is a good possibility that at least one of the teams won’t score.

Because of the way they play, certain clubs have a higher chance of returning BTTS than others. For instance, BTTS was the winner in 66% of Tottenham’s matches during the 2019–20 Premier League season, but only in 37% of Crystal Palace’s games.

Fans of football frequently purchase BTTS. Most of the time, the bookmaker gives you a choice between “No” and “Yes” under the headline “Both Teams to Score.” Selecting yes indicates that you bet on both teams to score while selecting no indicates that either one or both teams may not. There might be several marketplaces with the same name. As long as each team scores at least once, the total number of goals scored is unimportant in this market. The chances of winning go up from 33.3% to 50% whether you wager on “yes” or “no.” This is due to the fact that it removes a third option—typically a draw—from the market.

Several BTTS wagers

When it comes to betting on BTTS, there are additional possibilities.

For instance:

  • First-half BTTS – the likelihood that both sides will score.
  • The likelihood that both sides will score in the second half is known as BTTS.
  • BTTS (both halves to score) refers to whether both teams will score in the first and second halves.
  • If both teams will score and there will be at least three goals in the game, the outcome is considered BTTS and over 2.5 goals.
  • If both teams score, the team listed will win the game (BTTS & X to win).
  • If both teams score two or more goals during the game, at least two goals must be scored by each team.
Sports where Both Teams Can Win

The football market virtually dominates the BTTS market. This is due to the fact that other ball sports, including basketball and baseball, evaluate their games using points. In addition, it is challenging for the opposition in these games to go the entire game without recording a hit. So, you must choose an appropriate football game to wager on if you want to put a wager on this market.

Different BTTS Bets

BTTS: Yes/No

The easiest football market to wager on is definitely this one. You merely need to decide if both teams would score and then choose the best course of action. The outcome of the game is not considered in this market. You win the wager as long as each side contributes a point. When both sides are under intense pressure to earn all possible points or when their strengths are almost equal, the market is the best option. While there are different odds, they are typically close to equal if teams are playing at close to full strength.

Win plus BTTS

A BBTS+win market, which is an enhancement of the BTTS market, enables participants to pick the winner of a match in which both sides scored. You decide both teams will score in the market and then pick the winning team. In comparison to the main BTTS market, the odds for the market are significantly larger. But, the danger is also increased because you might choose the incorrect team to win, mainly when both teams are relatively equal in power.

Scores from Both Teams in Each Half

By forecasting whether both teams will score in each half of the game, “Both Teams to Score in Both Halves” enhances the market. Each team must score at least once in each half of the game for you to win the wager. In this situation, it doesn’t matter who won the game. The majority of derby games or high-scoring contests in which both teams score more than two goals work best for this market. Even though the danger is larger, the odds are also better than in the other markets mentioned above.

Over/Under Scoring by Both Teams

You make a wager in this market by predicting how many goals will be scored overall and by each club throughout the game. It combines the over/under market and the BTTS marker. As an illustration, you might predict that both teams will score but that the match’s overall goal total will be above 2.5, under 3.5, or over 4.5. The number of goals you project for the game will be the deciding factor. The levels are split into over and under categories starting with 2.5 goals on top betting sites. Based on the chances of each team scoring multiple times, the odds may change.


Football betting’s BTTS market is well-liked for a reason. Compared to winning markets, it has a larger possibility of success and is simpler to comprehend. In addition to having lower risk and better returns than most betting markets, the BTTS market. But, you must thoroughly analyze the teams in order to be certain that each has a good possibility of scoring if you want to have a chance of winning a bet on BTTS. By combining the BTTS market with the over/under and win markets, you can boost your chances of winning if you have a larger risk tolerance. You might be able to place custom bets on the market with some bookies, such as BTTS+draw or both teams fail to score.


1) Are overtime goals included in BTTS wagers?

Extra-time goals do not count towards BTTS wagers unless the bookmaker offers a unique market that does. Betting is often settled by bookmakers using full-time goals. In this context, “full-time” refers to both the 90 minutes of play and the stoppage time. Outside of this window, penalties do not factor into the BTTS wager’s outcome. If you’re watching the game online, look up the full-time goals before calling the bookmaker with any questions about the payout.

2) Are your own goals included in the BTTS?

The goal contributes towards the payout of BTTS wagers as long as it is credited to one of the teams. This applies to instances in which a team has scored its own goal. Football allows for own goals. However, the own goal does not count towards the bet’s settlement if the referee disallowed it for any reason.

3) Do penalties count towards both teams to score the market?

Any touchdowns scored during the regular play of the football game count towards the bet’s payout. In order to settle the wager, penalties that were committed during the game’s full-time and stoppage time are taken into account. This is so they can count toward the overall game score.

4) Which bookmaker has the best odds for BTTS?

Because odds fluctuate depending on the game and other factors, it might be challenging to choose the best bookmaker for BTTS. Because of this, a bookmaker might offer high odds on the BTTS market for one particular game but not for the other. It is wise to examine the odds offered by many bookmakers and choose the one with the best odds for the particular game. To increase your wins, take advantage of any deals that target the BTTS market.


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