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We are here to provide you with all the information you need to learn how to wager on cockfights because you have heard of cockfighting and have found your way to our page because you want to do so. But a word of caution! Because cockfighting is a form of blood sport where animals are forced to fight to the death, similar to dog and horse fighting, the idea could be upsetting to those who support animal rights and who oppose cruelty to animals. Many people view this as cruelty rather than a sport. However, a sizable population enjoys watching and betting on blood sports. If you enjoy watching cockfights, all you need to get started with cockfight betting is this article.

Cockfighting: What is it and how does it operate?

Contrary to popular belief, watching violence in sports has long been a tradition among humans. Do you recall Gladiators? For thousands of years, the custom persisted and remained unaltered, with cockfighting being by far the most common. Its origins date back to antiquity when the Greeks first introduced it to the Romans, who then spread it to Britain. Modern historians, however, concur that the Philippines in Southeast Asia are where the sport first emerged. Since the activity is practiced in various countries, it is difficult to pinpoint a specific genesis for cockfighting.

Although cockfighting and other blood sports are forbidden by some religions, such as Islam, it is a well-known tradition in Indonesia to execute cockfighting rituals as a sort of animal sacrifice to drive away evil spirits.

Different types of cockfights are completely allowed to perform in the Philippines, where cockfighting is known as Sabong. World Slasher, the largest cockfighting competition in the world, is held annually in the Philippines. The Olympics of Cockfighting are held in this international competition!

In 50 US states as well as some other nations, cockfighting is forbidden. This does not imply that people still relish bloodshed, though! Cockfighting is a practice that is illegal in many nations, including Iran, where it is also prohibited by religious doctrine. Nevertheless, the activity continues to occur underground there. Legal battles by advocates resulted in some regulations in nations where cockfighting is a common practice. Only sanctioned cockpits known as Derbys are permitted for cockfighting in these nations, where it is strictly regulated and supervised. In the United States, cockfighting is forbidden. The most recent law enforcement indicates that it is a felony offense in 42 states and the District of Columbia as of 2022.

Rules of Cockfighting

Roosters used in cockfighting are bred expressly to be aggressive. The rooters’ innate fighting instincts are heightened and they are trained to fight to the death by breeding, feeding, training, steroid use, and vitamin supplementation. The following instances are when proponents of animal rights assert that they are opposed to animal rights. Due to their specialized training and diet, cockfighting roosters have unique shapes and appearances. For instance, the animal’s wattles—the combs beneath the beak—might be removed by the breeder in order to prevent the opponent from ripping them off during a battle. Before combat, a rooster trains for several months. They practice fights with other roosters and run extensive obstacle courses (and even treadmills) as part of their training.

Breeders attach 3-inch blades, knives, or fake gaffs to one of each bird’s legs while they are in the cockpit, or ring, causing the birds to physically injure one another. The blades are strong enough to sever bones, piercing eyes, and puncture lungs. Since this is what “fighting to the death” actually entails, animal rights activists contend that anyone who finds enjoyment in such activities should seek counseling. The occurrence can last anywhere from a few seconds to fifteen minutes and can occur in backyards, basements, or even abandoned factories. Although the regulations state that only one or two birds must pass away before the winner is determined, the severity of the injuries frequently results in death.

Tips For Betting On Sabong

In contrast to other sports, the Sabong betting market does not offer sophisticated props or over/under odds. Additionally, you don’t need to understand the bizarrely complex jargon of the sport to make winning wagers. All you need to know is that there are two roosters engaged in combat in the center of the ring. The rooster with a higher likelihood of winning, perhaps as a result of its form or breed, is known as the llamado, or the crowd favorite. Dejado is the name for the underdog, who is thought to lose or have a decreased probability of succeeding.

In line with other sports betting, placing a bet on the favorite has a lesser risk but a smaller return, while placing a bet on the underdog increases your chances of winning but increases your chance of losing a significant sum of money.

The payoff for Sabong bets depends on the odds provided for each rooster. The Sampu Siyam, or 10%, is when the Sabong odds system begins. Twenty percent is represented by Walo or dyes, thirty percent by Anim, and fifty percent by Tress. The rooster’s odds occasionally have a Doblado or 100% chance of winning.


Sabong Payout System
Terms Meaning
Parehas Equal win/loss
lo dies Your initial stake will be multiplied by 1.25
Walo-anim Betting 400 will earn you 550
Onse Betting 400 will earn you 550
Tress Bet 1,000 to win 1,500
Sampu-anim Bet 600 to win 1,000
Doblado Your initial stakes will be doubled


Can Cockfighting Bets Be Placed Online?

You can, of course. Although cockfighting and betting on cockfights are prohibited in the United States and many other nations, the practice is not only legal but also widely accepted in the Philippines, where it is known as Sabong. The Philippines Games and Amusement Board estimates that the country’s cockfighting industry is worth more than $1 billion USD yearly. Although online cockfighting feeds have been present for about ten years, the COVID-19 outbreak saw a surge in their popularity. In order to control the industry, the Philippine government decided to license websites that offer cockfight betting and to levy taxes on the proceeds of the matches.

Benefits of Cockfight Betting Online

As previously indicated, the benefits it provides to participants and bettors have caused online cockfighting to soar in popularity in recent years.

Play and access are simple

You may play and place bets on virtual or even actual roosters (in the case of live events) from the comfort of your couch thanks to online cockfights. You may start battling right away by downloading cockfighting applications and games from the App Store, Google Play, or Microsoft store!

No cruelty is present!

The excessive brutality and aggression associated with blood sports are the main cause for concern. However, cockfighting online has overcome this problem. There are no animals used in the games because they were created for internet play. It is the primary cause of the recent rise in the number of gamblers who wager on cockfighting. Depending on the game and circumstance, each rooster has unique skills that can be used to a punter’s benefit. Choose the bird you believe will prevail in a fight.


To entice more players, online bookies provide freebies in the form of welcome packages and other promotions. It’s a fantastic chance for them to gamble with their money and make money!

Numerous Bets

Online cockfighting allows bettors to place many bets simultaneously, in contrast to conventional games where they were only allowed to place one bet at a time, depending on the number of rings and roosters competing. This function allows gamblers the flexibility to place whatever wager or wagers they choose.


You may place bets on cockfights online and win cryptocurrency. Your cryptocurrency earnings can then be transferred to credit cards so you can use them as actual money. Because cryptocurrencies are decentralized and nobody can question you where you got the money, it’s a great way to gamble!


Although cockfighting and other blood sports have existed since who knows when, the modern human community acknowledges the rights of animals, and those opposed to animal cruelty work hard to persuade legislators to outlaw any activity that causes harm to animals. For this reason, cockfighting and wagering on any match were outlawed in all 50 US states. Similarly to this, several other nations forbid blood sports due to potential negative effects on religion, culture, or animals. Nevertheless, a sizable number of people find these gatherings enjoyable. Online gaming and gambling websites that let users enjoy their favorite pastimes without harming innocent cocks are the finest answer to this conundrum!

Cockfight Betting FAQs

1) In India, is cockfighting permitted?

India has had a ban on cockfighting since the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act was passed in 1960. The ban was reaffirmed in later rulings by the Hyderabad High Court in 2016 and the Supreme Court of India in 2015.

2) What are the cockfighting betting odds?

The best odds of winning are seen in cockfighting, which has a 50-50 chance of happening.

3) In which nation is cockfighting most prevalent?

In Southeast Asia, cockfighting is a common fertility ritual.

4) Which cockfight is the most expensive?

In today’s cockfighting, Peruvian gamefowl is one of the most expensive and sought-after birds, and it is becoming more and more well-liked in the Philippines.

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