Bumrah fully recovered and is expected to be selected for the Ireland series

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) Secretary, Jay Shah, stated that Jasprit Bumrah is totally healthy and ought to be selected for the next Ireland series.

Bumrah is fully healthy and might play in the Ireland series, according to Shah. Bumrah was supposed to make his comeback during the Ireland series, which will take place in Dublin on August 18, 20, and 23, as this website has previously reported on June 24.

The Cricket Advisory Committee (CAC) has stated that the women’s squad needs specialist fielding and bowling coaches, and Shah added that all coaching appointments, including the head coach, will be made public at the same time. “The CAC is seeking specialized instructors for fielding and bowling, and has already held interviews for the head coaching role. The procedure for making these appointments will start soon,” he continued. The lengthy delay in publishing the media rights tender for India’s bilateral games, which has been a hot topic of conversation in the broadcast industry, was also addressed by Shah. Shah did not, however, give a definite date for the publication of the offer.

“Ernst & Young have been hired, and they will present a report. The tender will be released soon,” Shah told New Delhi-based media.

The tender was supposed to be released this week, according to previous reports, but it has since been revealed that it won’t happen until later in the week. However, it has not occurred thus far. The three-ODI series against Australia, the first series in the new broadcast cycle, is scheduled for the last week of September, and business executives are worried that the new broadcasters won’t have enough time to prepare and carry out marketing campaigns.

It is known that the BCCI is now uncertain on two important issues: first, whether to choose closed bidding or an online auction; and second, whether to submit a composite bid package.

According to reports, Ernst & Young has offered all of the choices, but the BCCI has not yet made a decision. The BCCI secretary clarified, “We have not yet determined whether to proceed for an e-auction or closed bidding; the decision is still pending.

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