BCCI mulling alterations to the World Cup schedule

The World Cup schedule will be modified, according to the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), and the official revisions will be made public within the coming days. The International Cricket Council (ICC) member boards have sought changes to the schedule, according to BCCI Secretary Jay Shah. These changes are now being finalized and will be announced soon.

The BCCI secretary did not confirm any changes to the venue for the India-Pakistan game, which has been the topic of recent speculation and was previously declared as taking place in Ahmedabad. Shah stated that discussions with the ICC are still ongoing in order to decide on the final adjustments. He made an effort to avoid asking directly about the game between India and Pakistan being moved up to October 14. On Thursday, July 27, Shah spoke to the media following a gathering of the World Cup host organizations in New Delhi. Based on suggestions from Grant Thornton, an outside organization tasked with making ideas on how to improve the facilities at stadiums in India, the meeting’s main topics were the ticket manifest and infrastructure development.

Attending the conference were representatives from each of the 12 associations that will host World Cup games and pre-tournament contests. The exact time that the tickets will be available for purchase is still unknown.

The state associations have been asked to submit plans explaining how they will handle ticket sales for each game to the BCCI. This covers information on costs, the number of tickets for sale, the various ticket categories, and costs for corporate boxes and complimentary tickets. Each hosting association has also been advised by the BCCI of the number of tickets they must allot to the BCCI and the ICC for each match.

Notably, ticket costs will vary depending on the venue, and each center is free to determine its own charges. So much so that costs for tickets may change from game to game. The state associations must deliver their proposals to the BCCI by the beginning of the following week, more precisely by Tuesday.

The ICC will be notified of the plans after the BCCI has put them together for approval. The state units have not yet been told of the precise day when they can begin selling tickets, but sales will begin once the complete procedure has been followed. Shah also mentioned that using e-tickets is not an option during the World Cup. “We will set up things such that the actual tickets may be picked up at seven to eight locations before the game in a week. We’ll make things simple for you. The e-ticket system will be introduced in bilateral games first. Guidelines on how to put Grant Thornton’s suggestions for stadium development into action have also been given to the state entities. Six locations—Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Pune, Hyderabad, Kolkata, and Delhi—have already undergone inspection by the agency. Each hosting organization has been given Rs 50 crore for stadium development, with the main emphasis being on enhancing the grounds’ essential facilities and hygienic conditions.

According to Shah, the stadium development will take place before and after the World Cup. The GT executives have met the state associations, and the pre-World Cup preparations will be finished in the ensuing 45 days.

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