Gary Stead will continue as New Zealand’s head coach into mid-2025

The New Zealand cricket board announced on Tuesday (July 11) that Gary Stead will remain the team’s head coach through mid-2025. The present contract for Stead was set to expire in November of this year, at the conclusion of the ODI World Cup. But as a result of the extension, the 51-year-old will now be in charge of the team for all big events, like the 2024 T20 World Cup, the 2025 Champions Trophy, and the full 2023–25 World Test Championship Cycle. Stead and New Zealand Cricket had a protracted conversation before deciding to re-appoint him. Additionally, there were discussions on whether NZC wanted to use a split-coaching system that was format-specific, but this idea was ultimately rejected.

“And then we went through a feedback process to find out how supportive management, players, and support staff are of that, and after gathering all that feedback, it became clear that people were genuinely in favor of Gary continuing, so we followed through with that process.”

There was a lot of support for Gary staying on, but there was also support for ensuring that there were always new voices and perspectives in the room. I believe split coaching is one way to achieve it, but after weighing our options, we decided we could keep up the wonderful work Gary has done for the organization and the side while also getting new ideas and other things through other channels than just split coaching.

After Mike Hesson’s resignation, Stead was first appointed to the position in late 2018. He presided over a particularly prosperous period in New Zealand cricket history. This included advancing to the 2021 T20 World Cup final as well as the 2019 ODI World Cup final. Between the two, New Zealand’s victory over India in the Southampton final gave them the first-ever World Test Championship (2019–21) trophy.

Stead expressed his excitement for the challenges that lay ahead for his team and his continued commitment to the position. “I have been in discussions with Bryan [Stronach], [departing CEO] David [White], and New Zealand Cricket for a time now, just to make sure they are aware that I am the right person, and it is wonderful to hear back that there was support for me.

“I’m very humbled and privileged to do the role I do, and for me, it’s a real privilege to want to be involved with a great set of human beings representing New Zealand,” the man stated.

Tim Southee, the Test captain, spoke on behalf of the team and expressed the players’ satisfaction that Stead would remain in the position. “The length of time that athletes and support staff spend apart from their families and loved ones creates a difficult environment. 

“Gary has done a tremendous job guiding us to victories in the World Test Championship and the finals of all three formats. The way he came in and built on what had already been accomplished has been fantastic.

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