ECB announces the creation of a standalone cricket regulator

Cricket Regulator, an independent “body which will be responsible for monitoring compliance with the game’s regulations, enforcement of adherence to those regulations and providing relevant information and education,” was introduced by the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB). The board declared that the Cricket Regulator will be supervised by an independent board that is segregated from the rest of the ECB.

Several tasks that were formerly under the purview of the ECB will now fall under the purview of the Cricket Regulator, including safeguarding, integrity (anti-corruption, misconduct, and anti-doping), and anti-discrimination. 

The Independent Commission for Equity in Cricket (ICEC) produced a report that suggested the establishment of the Cricket Regulator. “The launch of the Cricket Regulator seeks to bring further independence to the regulatory processes within cricket, to give greater assurance around the separation between this area and the remainder of the ECB,” the European Central Bank said.

With immediate effect, when a case is reported, the Cricket Regulator will take charge of the investigation and determine if there is sufficient proof to submit it to the Cricket Discipline Commission. The Cricket Discipline Commission will become the Cricket Discipline Panel in 2024, as per the ECB’s answer to the ICEC report.

Dave Lewis will lead the Cricket Regulator in his capacity as acting director. Having worked in a range of positions such as Senior Investigating Officer, Head of Criminal Justice, Head of Local Policing, and Regional ACC managing major organized crime and counter-terrorism policing in the Southwest, Lewis is a former police chief with thirty years of experience.

Lewis has been given the responsibility of establishing the Cricket Regulator, and an open recruitment procedure will be used in 2024 to select a permanent replacement. Lewis will answer to the Cricket Regulatory Board’s chair, Nic Coward.

The game must implement optimal procedures to uphold rules. The Cricket Regulator, which is supervised by an independent Cricket Regulatory Board, will implement the additional independence that the ICEC Report suggested for the game’s regulatory process, according to ECB Chief Executive Officer Richard Gould. “The Cricket Regulator is ring-fenced from the ECB, and that separation will ensure that their work is distinct from our work as the game’s promoter.”

“The Cricket Regulator will cover a wide range of matters on which the game has set clear standards, including anti-discrimination,” stated interim director Dave Lewis. The team and I are in agreement that upholding high standards is crucial to guaranteeing that players understand expectations and that the best practices are in place to safeguard and advance the interests of all parties involved in the game.”

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