Zaka Ashraf and Jay Shah greet the Asia Cup hybrid model with green flags

The hybrid model for the 2023 Asia Cup remains in place. Sources have learnt that Zaka Ashraf, the new chairman of the PCB’s management committee, met with Jay Shah, the BCCI secretary and President of the Asian Cricket Council, to discuss the Asia Cup schedule. The schedule is also anticipated to be issued on Friday, given that all of the boxes have been checked.

Since taking over for Najam Sethi as Pakistan cricket manager, Zaka Ashraf has been loud in his opposition to the hybrid model, which involves four games in Pakistan and up to nine in Sri Lanka. The proposed concept appears to have gained the new PCB administration’s principle support, and the Asia Cup, which is set to take place from August 31 to September 17, cannot be postponed.

Ashraf told Pakistani reporters, “It’s a good beginning and there will be more meetings like this.” “We’ve decided to hold more meetings and foster better ties. It’s a solid start, the PCB president stated.

“Jay Shah won’t go to Pakistan”

According to Ashraf, Shah was invited to Pakistan for the Asia Cup by Ashraf, and Shah was then invited to India for the World Cup, although BCCI sources have disputed that this is the case. “After discussions on the Asia Cup, the hybrid model was approved. The BCCI insider, who is now in Durban, stated that there was no such thing as an invitation to one another. The BCCI’s envoy to the ICC’s CEC meeting, Arun Singh Dhumal, vehemently rejected the idea that Shah may visit Pakistan. The IPL chairman, who is now in Durban, stated that Mr. Jay Shah has not accepted any invitations and would not be going to Pakistan.

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