Super Kings launch an academy in Dallas

The Super Kings have established a cricket academy in their home region of the Dallas Metropolitan area to promote grassroots cricket following their Major League Cricket (MLC) acquisition of the Texas franchise. The Super Kings will open its ninth state-of-the-art training facility in Lewisville, a Dallas suburb, following the success of their successful outposts in London and Tamil Nadu. “We’re ecstatic to be introducing Super Kings Academy to the United States and see great potential for the development of the game, as well as for us to be able to help grassroots cricket become more popular and develop talent already in place. 

Louis Mariano, Director of Cricket at the Super Kings Academy, stated, “We’re even more excited to open our first academy in Dallas, as it creates strong synergies with our long-term plans in the market.” Dallas is home to the Texas Super Kings.

The Super Kings might also be aware of the rapidly expanding cricket coaching market, even though it makes sense for a Major League team to invest locally and create cricketing ecosystems. There are eight cricket academies in the Dallas Metro region, and over 600 children are enrolled at different times of the year. The Dallas cricket coaching sector has been discovered to bring in more than USD 1.75 million annually in gross receipts. 

The Super Kings intend to utilize their devoted fan base as leverage to increase enrollment at their academies, which is expected to produce a significant upheaval in the cricket coaching scene in Dallas and across the United States.

An increased area for fielding and conditioning, six full-length cricket lanes outfitted with video analysis tools, and access to an outside pitch for frequent match practice will be the academy’s initial facilities. In their medium and long-term ambitions, the Super Kings also hope to develop another turf wicket field near their indoor facility.

The Super Kings’ initiative to promote grassroots cricket in Dallas will be a significant boost to the sport’s popularity among Americans who do not have any cultural ties to the Commonwealth. With their vast resources and physical presence, the Super Kings are in a good position to introduce cricket into Dallas Metro schools. Full houses at the Super Kings’ home games at Grand Prairie Stadium could inspire them to bring a new age of cricket to the already thriving Dallas youth cricket scene.

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