Samuels held responsible for four anti-corruption violations

Marlon Samuels, the former West Indies hard-hitting batsman, was found guilty of four violations of the Emirates Cricket Board (ECB) Anti-Corruption Code. On behalf of the ECB, Samuels was charged by the ICC back in 2021. He was found guilty after exercising his right to a hearing before an impartial anti-corruption tribunal.

Samuels, who has won two T20 World Cups with the West Indies, was found guilty of failing to inform the designated anti-corruption official about receiving a gift or payment that could have damaged his reputation or the reputation of the sport, as well as failing to disclose receiving hospitality worth at least USD 750 and failing to cooperate with the investigation. The accusations also include hiding facts that would have aided the investigation in order to obstruct or prolong it. The Tribunal will weigh each party’s arguments before deciding on the proper punishment.

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