Fans angry as Sky Sports breaks the 3 p.m. blackout restriction

On Saturday at 3 p.m., Sky Sports inadvertently violated the blackout by airing a portion of Manchester City’s match versus Brighton.

At the Etihad Stadium, the incident happened in the first three minutes when Kyle Walker lofted a pass down the right-hand channel towards Erling Haaland. For a few seconds, Sky inadvertently aired the tape before removing it and returning it to Clinton Morrison, who was in charge of the Soccer Saturday match.

On social media, observant watchers caught sight of the error. One fan wrote: “I see football Saturday is still a mess bringing up the wrong graphics, showing a live feed of the Man City Brighton game.”

“Soccer Saturday accidentally showing City vs Brighton there,” another person commented. Please keep it on.” Another person said, “P*** take knowing they can show them and just don’t.” 

Lately, there have been requests to eliminate the 3 p.m. darkness. As of right now, live television broadcasts of Premier League or English Football League matches are prohibited on Saturday afternoons between 2:45 and 5:15 p.m.

However, it was confirmed on Wednesday that the blackout will continue even though there are still 70 matches that can be televised. The Premier League will now have 270 live games, up from 200 now. Sunday kickoff times will now be televised at 2 p.m.

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