Phillips under the radar for applying saliva on the ball

Glenn Philips, the New Zealand all-rounder, is being investigated after it was observed that he spit on the ball during the third day of play at the Sylhet International Cricket Stadium. In the 34th over of the innings, Phillips was seen twice on television sprinkling saliva on the ball.

The side will be fined five runs by Law 41.3 of the game, which was amended and went into effect on October 1, 2022. 

“Playing conditions were drafted in most forms of the game specifying that putting saliva to the ball was no longer permitted when cricket resumed following the commencement of Covid-19. According to the MCC’s studies, this had little to no effect on how much swing the bowlers were receiving. Sweat was being used by players to polish the ball, and it worked just as well. The new laws also eliminate any possibility that fielders could utilize sugar-filled candies to change the way their saliva is applied to the ball. Saliva will no longer be allowed to be used on the ball. According to the legislation, using saliva will be handled the same as any other unfair means of altering the ball’s condition. 

When reporters brought up the event, Mominul Haque said, “We are aware of it (Phillips using saliva) and we have informed (the authorities).” The manager of the Bangladeshi team, Nafees Iqbal, expressed the same thoughts and said that he had witnessed it happen on the pitch right away.

Ahsan Raza and Paul Reiffel, the on-field umpires, did not step in or do anything during the event. Pacer Kyle Jamieson of New Zealand declined to provide specifics and said he was unaware of the incident at the time it occurred.

“I learned about it for the first time approximately 35 seconds ago. “I don’t know what happened, when it happened, or what was seen,” Jamieson said to reporters following the third day of play. Yes, I was blind to it. I’ll need to view the video again. Yes, I did not notice it, though.

The last time this happened, in an ODI match against the UAE in November 2022, Alishan Sharafu used saliva, and Nepal was given five penalty runs.

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