How to watch cricket in the US

Anyone who isn’t a fan will undoubtedly be surprised to learn that cricket is the second most popular sport in the world, behind football, with 2.5 billion fans. Cricket has been played in the United States for a longer period than baseball, despite not being as popular as baseball. We examine three methods to watch live cricket in 2024 without cable, as the sport is currently becoming more and more popular.

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What is cricket?

Baseball and cricket share similarities in that both sports use a ball and bat, and teams switch between batting and fielding. The Indian Premier League, Big Bash League, Caribbean Premier League, and Jamaican Premier League are the three Commonwealth nations where it is most popular.

Cricket is not currently available on many of the top sports streaming services, such as Fubo or DirecTV Stream, however, it is available on Sling TV, ESPN+, and Willow TV’s website.

How can I use Sling TV to watch cricket?

Sling TV has two primary plans: Sling Orange, which offers over 30 channels, and Sling Blue, which offers over 45 channels.

While the Orange and Blue plans are nearly identical in terms of cost and channel availability, each plan offers several channels that the other does not. For instance, Fox Sports only offers Blue channels, while ESPN only offers Orange networks. Orange allows you to access premium content on ESPNcricinfo, the sports network’s cricket-specific website, using your Sling TV subscription. Additionally, the Orange & Blue plan offers the possibility to combine the two. All Sling TV channels are included in this subscription at a significant savings.

For lovers of cricket, however, a bundle with Willow TV—an American pay-TV station devoted to international cricket—is the greatest deal available on Sling TV. Willow Cricket, Desi Binge Plus, World Sports Mini, and South Plus are the bundles. Up to four screens can be watched simultaneously with Sling TV, but the cloud DVR is limited to 50 hours.

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How can I use ESPN+ to watch cricket?

In 2018, ESPN introduced its streaming service. With its broadcasting agreements, ESPN+ is a stand-alone service that doesn’t transmit the live ESPN networks.

Every Indian Premier League game is televised live on ESPN+, along with hundreds of matches involving prestigious teams like New Zealand Cricket. Every match played in the Caribbean as part of the ICC Future Tours Programme will have its US broadcast rights secured by ESPN+ last year.

ESPN+ is available for individual subscriptions as well as being a part of Hulu’s Disney Bundle, which combines ESPN+, Hulu, and Disney+. While there is no cloud DVR, you may watch three streams at once, and everything that airs on ESPN+ gets added to its on-demand library right away.

How can I watch live cricket on Willow TV?

You may sign up for Willow TV straight on their website if you already have a streaming service and just want to add cricket, and cricket, and cricket. You can watch live matches, match highlights, and complete match replays with a membership.

You can use your account to log in to Willow TV for free if it is part of your cable subscription. However, in contrast to other websites of a similar nature (such as USA Network), you are unable to log in using your Sling TV credentials.

Additionally, Willow TV offers specialized apps for a wide variety of gadgets. Willow TV is available on all of the following platforms:

  • PC: Every major web browser
  • Mobile: Fire tablets, iOS, and Android
  • Gaming: Xbox 
  • TVs; Android TV, Samsung
  • Streaming: Apple TV, Chromecast, Fire TV, Roku

Cricket is making a comeback to professional sports in America with the launch of Major League Cricket, a 6-team professional Twenty20 league, scheduled for play in 2019. Additionally, as cricket gains popularity in America, more streaming providers should emerge to provide cricket. For now, though, if you want to watch cricket live in 2024, you should pick one of the top three possibilities.

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Watching cricket in the US FAQs

1) How do I watch cricket outside India?

  • If you do not already have a VPN, get one now.
  • On the device you’re using to watch the game, install it.
  • Activate it and configure it to a US or Australian location.
  • Visit ESPN Plus (USA) or 9Now (Australia).
  • Watch the matches on 9Now by logging in or creating a free account.

2) In the USA, how can I watch Indian cricket?

Watch live cricket on ESPN+ via ESPN+

3) Does cricket exist in the United States?

In the US, there are presently more than 200,000 cricket players. Over 400 local leagues, tournaments, academies, college, and school programs across the US host events for these athletes.


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