How to play darts cricket?

Any darter or bargoer should learn how to play cricket, the most played dart game in the United States. It’s simple to learn how to play cricket darts with the correct guidance. So let’s get you started on the path to becoming a cricket expert without further ado.

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Count of Participants

This game can be played by one or more players. Two-person teams can also play it with ease. 

How-To Operate

Players alternately toss three darts at the dartboard in an attempt to hit the predetermined targets in a typical game of darts cricket. After the targets are closed off, the objective of the game is to have more points than your opponent.

Targets: bull, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20

Each player’s targets are “open” when the game starts and need to be “closed” by earning three marks. This can be completed in numerous ways, over multiple turns if needed. A mark is worth one for a single, two for a double and three for a triple. The bull’s outside ring counts as one mark, while its inner ring counts as two.

  • One mark- single 
  • Two marks- double  
  • Three marks- triple The target is closed.

Up until their opponent closes it as well, the first player to shut a target “owns” it and can score points on it. Remember that there are no more points awarded once the same objective has been closed by both players. This regulation gives players the benefit of trying to close out the highest targets before their opponent, allowing them to begin accumulating a lot of points. If a thrower receives more hits than necessary to shut the target, they can score points. A player would shut the 20 and receive 40 points, for instance, if they had two hits on the 20 and then hit a triple 20.

How to Be Successful

A player must close all target numbers and have more points than their opponent to win a game of cricket. A player must continue scoring until they are ahead or their opponent closes all target numbers if they shut all of their numbers but have fewer points than their opponent. The first person to accomplish both wins. 

Advice and Planning

In cricket, it is a good idea to start with the highest-numbered targets and reserve the bull for last. A player can start scoring points off of the 20 first, for instance, and will reach a higher score more quickly than if they had closed off the 15 first. 

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Darts Cricket FAQs

1) How do you throw darts and win?

You have to reach zero before your opponent to win. The dart that lowers your score to zero must be a double, and you must achieve zero precisely. The numbers in the outer narrow scoring zone and the central (small) bullseye, which is worth 50 points, make up a double.

2) Is darts a skill- or luck-based game?

Within the darts community, a popular proverb states that the game requires both talent and luck, with a focus on skill-based strategies.

3) In darts, what does C mean?

This is used to describe high scoring in a cricket match based on the quantity of darts scored. A triple-20, single-20, and single-20, for instance, would be referred to as a C-5 since “5 darts” were scored using three darts.


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