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Which are the top 5 Sportsbook Exchange Websites currently?

It only makes sense that as football receives more and more exposure on television and through streaming services, the betting markets will follow. People will be drawn towards exchanges like Orbit Exchange, etc. The top 5 betting exchanges are examined below:

It’s helpful to understand what these goods do before delving into the top betting exchange sites’ finer points. To give you a quick insight, a betting exchange is very different from your normal online sportsbook. An exchange is a special venue where you can wager in favor of or against particular outcomes. In a typical sportsbook, you can only wager “for” an outcome. Of course, this gives you more betting options than a typical sportsbook. 

The system here differs in that an Orbit betting exchange afterward retains a very small portion of each winning wager. The remainder is paid to you, and this is referred to as the commission. Of course, a betting exchange is more enticing the lower the commission is. Additionally, the more sports covered, the better the odds, and the more money in the markets, the more likely it is that the betting exchange is of higher caliber.

All of this contributes to the fact that the platforms listed below are among the top sports betting exchange websites in the UK.

  1. Matchbook

Liquidity: Moderate Commission: 0% PunditFeed Rating: 5/5

Matchbook continues to provide its users with new services and promotions. If the first wager is unsuccessful, the current offer is £20 Money returned as cash. All sports bettors will find this offer appealing, and it allows brand-new users the chance to experience the advantages of the Matchbook Betting Exchange. This welcome offer beats out those from Exchange’s rivals by providing Matchbook consumers with more. The user experience offered by Matchbook is also rather good. Even for a first-time visitor, the website is simple to understand, and their mobile apps follow a similar pattern; while not ground-breaking, they won’t pose any issues either.

Like almost all other online bookmakers, whether they are traditional bookies or exchanges, Matchbook offers a sign-up bonus and accepts a wide variety of payment options for deposits and withdrawals. Although their direct-to-bank withdrawals have a very high minimum of £500, their clients don’t appear to mind too much, as evidenced by their high trustpilot rating.

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  1. Smarkets

Liquidity: High Commission: 2% PunditFeed Rating: 5/5

There is one betting exchange that stands out from the rest, and that is Smarkets. When comparing the variety of sports and markets accessible, the big boys of the exchange market can be difficult to distinguish because they all provide more than you’ll probably ever need. For the top-end exchanges, liquidity, or the coverage of money in the platform, is a similar story, with only the most obscure bets not being matched in an acceptable amount of time. So why is Smarkets at the top of our list?

They simply outperform the competition, to be honest. Their team appears to understand that market penetration can only significantly affect an individual customer’s experience, thus they have concentrated their efforts on giving clients value and top-notch service. They have been offering it at that level for years, and their 2% commission is the most generous we’ve seen (you can receive 1%, but it depends on placing enormous bets). Others may offer a 2% commission, but they usually had no choice but to do so.

  1. Betdaq

Liquidity: Medium/High Commission: 2% PunditFeed Rating: 4/5

With 20 years of business under their belt, Betdaq is by no means a newbie to the world of betting exchanges. It’s not surprising that they have amassed a respectable customer base in that time given that their website is user-friendly and mobile-friendly and that their app is passable. Like other exchanges, they provide access to all the main betting markets and have a ton of liquidity, allowing players to place bets as they like.

Unfortunately, this flexibility may be compromised as the corporation works to provide markets for less popular sports and events. This occasionally makes it harder to locate matches for your bets. Although football is a market where they need to improve that element, their in-play betting is really powerful. Live streams and improved statistics would be a solid move, but it’s not the end of the world because there are other resources to explore online. You shouldn’t consider that to be a deal-breaker.

  1. Betfair

5% commission; high liquidity; 3.5/5 on PunditFeed

In terms of pure gambling, only Betfair comes close to matching Smarkets. It should come as no surprise that the company, which has been around for 21 years and is undoubtedly the biggest name in exchange betting, has a large number of people supporting and laying bets at all hours of the day. While we don’t advocate mindlessly going along with the herd, it’s important to note that Betfair and Smarkets both enjoy high levels of client loyalty, making it unlikely that you’ll come across events where you can’t pair your bets off.

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  1. Ladbrokes

Liquidity: Medium/High Commission: 5% PunditFeed Rating: 3/5

The fact that Betdaq is a part of Ladbrokes Coral has already been mentioned. Here, we’ll focus on Ladbrokes, which has the tremendous benefit of having the name of a well-known high street brand “on the tin.” Since Betdaq and Ladbrokes are linked, all bets placed on either site will result in the same deposit of money. This helps both parties’ liquidity.

If you’ve read our list of suggested betting sites for 2021, you’ll be aware of our opinion that the Ladbrokes website is rather user-friendly and that the exchange side is largely the same.

FAQs for betting exchange websites

1) Is it legal to use a betting exchange in India?

It is acceptable for Indian players to use offshore betting exchanges that accept Indian Rupees.

2)How can a betting exchange generate revenue?

The primary revenue source for betting exchanges is a tiny commission on winners. Although the precise percentage varies from exchange to exchange, it often ranges between two and five percent.

3)What distinguishes betting exchanges from bookmakers?

A potential bettor typically looks to put their first wager at a bookmaker. Often a person or an institution, a bookmaker accepts and pays off bets – from their own money – on sporting and other events based on the odds they provide. A betting exchange, on the other hand, is a free market where customers can choose their bets and take on the role of bookmakers.


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