BCCI to reward uncapped IPL players for making international debuts

An incentive program for uncapped players is expected to be announced by the BCCI before the 2024 IPL auction. Rather than having their league fee locked down, players who earn themselves international caps between IPL seasons will receive rewards under this new model.

Normally, a player who is purchased in the Indian Premier League (IPL) auction must pay the league cost for the next three years, or until his team releases him. In other cases, the price may increase if an uncapped player is sold for at least Rs 50 lakh. An uncapped player’s pay may quadruple if he plays in ten international matches in between two IPL seasons.

There are no minimum League Fee requirements, according to a fee rule that the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) recently distributed to uncapped players. But it states:

(a) Any uncapped player must pay a League Fee of less than Rs. 50 lakhs before the start of any season; and

(a) After that, the player is capped or gains five or ten caps at any point between the conclusion of one season and the beginning of the next.


(c) If the player’s contract is extended by the relevant franchise, the League Fee payable to them for that season and any subsequent seasons will be Rs. 50 lakhs for players with one cap, Rs. 75 lakhs for players with five to nine caps, and Rs. 1 crore for players with ten or more caps; and

(d) If the player is later traded, the League Fee for that player will be presumed to have been established by paragraph (c) above. It is made clear that any increase in a player’s League Fee to determine the Salary Cap will be applied to the Salary Cap of the new franchise in the event of a trade. But if the player stays with the current team, the salary cap for the franchisee won’t change and will stay the same as it did before the player’s league fee hike.”

The BCCI has defined capped and uncapped players for clarity’s sake:

“A player who is not capped is known as an uncapped player. A player who possesses a Central Contract with their national cricket board and is an ICC Full member, or who has participated in international cricket (Test, ODI, or Twenty20 international) starting XI for an ICC Full member, is considered capped. Regardless of how many appearances a player has made for an ICC Associate member nation, they are considered uncapped for IPL reasons if they are registered with one of those nations.”

In the meantime, the BCCI has also declared that a new auctioneer would be featured in the December 19 event in Dubai.

“An independent professional auctioneer, Ms. Mallika Sagar, will conduct the auction and she will be the sole arbiter as to all aspects of the auction,” the BCCI told franchisees.

The Women’s Premier League’s first two auctions were run by Sagar. The BCCI appears to have done away with foreign auctioneers, Hugh Edmeades being the final one, by hiring Sagar. Richard Madley was in charge of the auctions for the first ten years of the IPL.

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