Australia penalized 10 WTC points and England 19 for overrate violations

In the recently finished Ashes series, England was deemed to be a repeat offender in terms of overrate as they suffered penalties in three different Tests—the second game at Lord’s, the fourth in Manchester, and the final at the Oval—and lost as many as 19 World Test Championship points. For being 10 overs short in Manchester, Australia was penalized 10 WTC points and 50% of the match cost.

At the Oval, England was five overs short, for which they were punished five points and fined 25%; in the second match at Lord’s, they were nine overs short, for which they have been docked nine points and fined 45% for the match cost; and in Manchester, Ben Stokes’ team was penalized three points and fined 15% for the match price. Following implementing the new rules, which were applied retroactively from the commencement of the third World Test Championship, England will also get two penalty points for the first Test, superseding any previously stated penalties.

Players are penalized 5% of their match fee for each over their team fails to bowl in the permitted time, up to a maximum of 50%, according to the newly ratified rule requirements. If a team dismisses the opposition within 80 overs or twice within 160 overs, no over-rate penalty is assessed. Teams will still lose one World Test Championship point for every extra over they bowl that is not required to meet the minimum over-rate criterion.

Following the penalties, England has only 9 points with a percentage of 15, while Australia’s tally has dropped to 18 after the penalties. They are now ranked third and fifth on the WTC 2023–25 standings, respectively.

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