Zaka Ashraf criticizes the hybrid model of the Asia Cup harshly

In order to conduct the Asia Cup fully in Pakistan, Zaka Ashraf, who is slated to take over as Chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), has branded the hybrid concept of the tournament an “injustice” and indicated his wish to have it examined.

In an interview with the media on Wednesday in Islamabad, the PCB chairman-designate stated, “I don’t agree with that. The Asian Cricket Council (ACC) believes that Pakistan should host the competition altogether. Major matches, however, are held elsewhere, and Pakistan only hosts lesser league teams like Nepal. Pakistan has suffered injustice.

Although Ashraf’s election to the top spot in the PCB is anticipated because the Pakistani Prime Minister appointed him to the board of governors, the election has not yet taken place.

In the limited time available, Ashraf said he would try to make improvements. I’ll make an effort to act as quickly as feasible in Pakistan’s best interest. Since I haven’t officially taken over, I’m not getting too involved in the many open issues, he continued, adding that he also intends to interact with the Indian leadership.

Despite the fact that neither the BCCI nor the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) officially responded to Ashraf’s remarks, it now seems improbable that the hybrid format of the Asia Cup would undergo any additional changes. According to the concept, four games will be played in Pakistan and nine in Sri Lanka, as agreed to by the PCB under Najam Sethi’s previous administration.

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