Who is the God of Football?

Over the years, the football game has been blessed with some of the most exceptional abilities, but very few of them could be mentioned as contenders for the title of the game’s deity. Who then is the football deity? Diego Maradona, an Argentinean football player, is the correct response.

Everyone would agree that Diego Maradona inspired awe in football fans when the ball was at his feet, despite the fact that some of the greatest football players in the world, including Pele, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Ronaldinho, Zinedine Zidane, and others, are on the list and have scored more goals than the Argentina footballer.

Diego Maradona in Club Competitions

Competitions Games Goals Assists
Serie A 187 81 42
La Liga 62 27 12
Italy Cup 44 29 9
UEFA Cup 19 3 8
Cup Winners’ Cup 7 8 5
European Cup 6 2
Copa de la Liga 6 4 1
Tally 331 154 77


The left-footed football player, who stood 5 feet 5 inches tall, was able to do it all with equal effectiveness, including dribbling past defenders, scoring goals from the most acute corners of the net, and outmuscling the most brutal enforcers. For this reason, he was known as the god.

Diego Maradona had a lot of work because he was a wide forward who was frequently tasked with making weak sides seem good. Yet, what set him apart from the others was his extraordinary individual prowess. Even though Maradona had physical limitations, he was unstoppable when he had the ball. The clearest illustration of that would be his time while playing for Serie A team Napoli when he amassed 115 goals and 59 assists.


Diego Maradona: Club career goals

Club Games Goals Assists
SSC Napoli 257 115 59
FC Barcelona 51 34 18
Sevilla FC 27 5
Tally 335 154 77


After a successful 1982 World Cup, Diego Maradona moved to FC Barcelona, becoming the first player in the history of Barcelona to receive cheers from Real Madrid supporters for his miraculous goal in the 1983 Copa del Rey final. While Maradona’s on-field prowess was never in question, the Spanish team switched to Napoli due to his off-field problems.

Diego Maradona was still at Serie A club Napoli despite his shenanigans, and it was at this Italian team that Maradona had found his place. Apart from the Coppa Italia in 1989, he ended up giving the Neapolitans their first-ever Serie A championship in 1986–87 and again in 1989–90.

Diego Maradona: International career goals

Competitions Games Goals Assists
International Friendlies 36 14 4
World Cup 21 8 8
Copa América 12 4
World Cup qualification 8 3 1
Artemio Franchi Trophy 1


If Diego Maradona’s time playing for clubs in Europe had brought him innumerable fans, it was his international career that made him famous all over the world. Every one of his 15 goals is still clearly imprinted in the minds of many, whether it was his amazing solo run against England or his hand of god winner. On the Argentina senior team, which won the FIFA World Cup while Maradona served as captain, he scored 29 goals and provided 13 assists.

Famous sayings about Diego Armando Maradona, the football god

Without a doubt, the greatest of the bunch. He was simply the best in my generation and during my era. I witnessed Maradona perform feats that even God would not have believed possible. Despite the fact that he was always being watched and marked, he was still able to perform amazing feats of magic. Ein genius — Zico

“Maradona could do with an ORANGE what Zidane could do with a ball.” Mike Platini

“Some people believe Pele to be the best player in history, but not me. Maradona is and always will be the best. He won the World Cup in 1986, lost by a whisker in the 1990 championship game, and may have won it again in 1994 if he hadn’t been suspended. Maradona and Pele vary significantly in that Maradona had to carry the squad on his own because Pele was surrounded by excellent players. Argentina would not have won the World Cup without Maradona, but I believe Brazil would have triumphed even without Pele. Erik Cantona

He is one of the best players in the world, a genius, and a true artist. On his own, he could triumph in a contest. He is alone. Robertson, Sir Bobby

“Better than Pele, the greatest player to ever play the game. He was at a distinct level from everyone else, and I closely observed him every week in Italy. He performed some incredible acts. He had uncanny control over the ball, so if the pass came, he would take it. [Ruud Gullit]

“I’d never be able to compare to Maradona, even if I played for a million years. not that I would want to. He is the best that has ever existed. — Lionel Messi

God of Football FAQs

1) In 2020, who is the football god?

Cristiano Ronaldo was the football god in 2020 as a result of his absurd goal-scoring stats for a football player.

2) Who is the all-time football guru?

Legendary Brazilian footballer Pele is revered as the greatest football player of all time. No player has ever won three more world cups than he has.

3) Who was the 2022 Ballon d’Or winner?

The 2022 Ballon d’Or prize went to Karim Benzema, who defeated Sadio Mane by 356 votes.

4) In India, who is the football god?

In India, Sunil Chhetri is revered as the footballing god. He had 84 goals in 131 international games as of October 15, 2022.

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