What is a 3 way bet?

How to Bet on Sports: What Are Three-Way Odds?

The third lesson in our Sports Gambling 101 series examines three-way odds. What are three-way betting lines and how can gamblers profit from them?

How are the odds for three-way and two-way wagers different?

Simply defined, three-way betting odds provide three possibilities for bets that only consider outcomes that occur during regulation time. The addition of a TIE as a third betting option sets them apart from two-way odds. In most contests where a draw could happen, three-way lines are available. They are offered as moneyline, game total, and point spread wagering options across a range of sports.

While game total odds give OVER – TIE – UNDER alternatives, three-way moneylines, and point spreads only offer HOME – TIE – VISITOR as options. Three-way bets are rated at the conclusion of regulation time, as opposed to two-way wagers, which are graded after a competition has ended completely. Those who placed bets on a TIE will cash winning tickets if a game goes into overtime.

Any sports bets with three potential outcomes are considered 3-way bets. You, therefore, have three alternatives for your bets. A sporting event can end with a tie in addition to a win or a defeat, therefore there are three different outcomes that could happen. Betting on the result of a handball match or a football game are two traditional examples of a 3-way bet. As we can see, the odds of a winning wager are always one to three. Although the higher risk, 3-way bets are more common than 2-way bets in part because you’ll probably get higher odds.

What Sports Have Three-Way Odds?

Three-way odds, often known as regulation time bets, are well-liked soccer betting alternatives because those games frequently result in draws. Moneylines are the most typical three-way betting odds, as shown below. The choice for bettors is whether either team will win easily or whether the final score will be tied at the end of regulation.

When making three-way bets, it is a good idea to look at the two-way lines because they show genuinely favored odds. A TIE bet should be considered if the two-way lines are close. When a TIE is included in the three-way odds, moneylines are drastically altered. Three-way odds are the greatest wagering choice if research indicates that one side will win without a doubt. For instance, the RB Leipzig -245 moneyline with three-way odds paid $100 on each $245 bet in the game against Mainz 05. Two-way line bettors needed to stake $590 to get a $100 payout. When you wager on moneyline pricing, it represents a significant cost reduction. Hockey is a sport that frequently features three-way wagers. This is particularly relevant now that the NHL has new regular season shootout regulations in place from 2005. Yet, “ties” are more difficult to anticipate in hockey because they occur less frequently than in soccer. During the NHL’s 1271 regular-season games, 271 of them required OT. With a 21.3% chance of occurrence, bettors should exercise caution when choosing a TIE on NHL three-way betting selections.

What should you consider while making a 3-way wager?

When putting your bets, you should pay particular attention, especially in football’s knockout games. This is a standard 3-way bet if the wager is on the result of a game after ordinary playing time or after 120 minutes. Nonetheless, bookmakers routinely inquire about who will advance to the next round in cup competitions. And in that situation, a two-way would be what we would be looking at. Do not mix the two up, please. After all, it is possible for one team to succeed in winning the game while the other actually advance to the next round. To avoid confusion, you must be quite knowledgeable of what you are betting on, especially when it comes to cup competitions.

Is it possible to wager on more than one 3-way outcome?

Absolutely, but depending on the type of wager, you might need to place your bet with many bookmakers. Generally speaking, we do advise creating accounts with multiple bookmakers so that you can constantly benefit from the greatest odds and promotions. We point you to our section on sure bets if you want to deliberately employ this strategy to ensure set winnings. There, we include all of the wagers that guarantee winnings for you. Last-minute tipsters may also want to take into account “multiple bets,” which let you wager on various outcomes through a single bookmaker. There are also bets referred to as “double chance” bets. In that instance, you can also place a wager of 1X, 2X, or 12. It raises your chances of winning by up to 67%, though using this approach will, of course, result in reduced odds. You will need to carefully analyze the odds being given if this appeals to you. After all, you need to ensure that, in the end, it will be you who benefits rather than the bookmaker.

3 Way Bet FAQs

1) Describe the 3-Way Bet. 

A 3-way bet is a wager on an event with three possible results: a win for Team A, a win for Team B, or a tie. Given that there is a third possible outcome, the odds on a 3-way wager will always be greater than those on a wager with only two possible outcomes. As a result, there is only one way to win and two ways to lose when placing a 3-way bet.

2) Is there 3-way betting in hockey?

Yes. If teams are deadlocked after overtime, the NHL has used a shootout round to decide the winner of regular-season games since 2005-2006.

3) What are common 3-way wagers?

The most popular 3-way wagers are those that center on a sporting event’s outcome, which can end in a win, a defeat, or a draw. Football is without a doubt the most popular sport among sports bettors in this regard.

4) How Can I Place a Three-Way Bet?

The first odds on soccer games to show up on a mobile device are often 3-way bets. Check under the “additional wagers” or “game props” sections, though, if your 3-way wager is more of a prop bet.

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