The 2024 T20 World Cup likely to move to England from the West Indies and the US

Due to the supposedly slow development of infrastructure in the region, the 2024 T20 World Cup will probably be held outside of the USA and the West Indies. As the event is scheduled to start in a year, the ICC is apparently seriously weighing its alternatives.

Swapping the 2024 and 2030 edition hosts is one of the options being examined. According to the timetable, England, Ireland, and Scotland will host the T20 World Cup in 2030, but given the current situation, this might happen sooner.

This is the first time the USA has been given such a high-profile cricket tournament, despite the Caribbean having stadiums that had previously held matches.

England had the venues prepared to handle a mega-scale event when it hosted the T20 World Cup in 2009. If England, Ireland, and Scotland were to agree to host the 2024 edition, the United States would have plenty of time to finish building its infrastructure, add some flair to Major League Cricket, and host the event in 2030.

The ninth iteration of the competition will take place in 2024. Because they won the championship in Australia last year, England is the current champion.

Former Cricket USA interim chairman: “We don’t have any existing facilities, so it’s up to the ICC whether they will invest money in some makeshift venue.”

The USA Cricket board members have very little hope that the infrastructure will be finished on time.

According to reports, the ICC recently inspected the building sites and was displeased with the progress made. According to reports, this is what caused the situation where it is being thought of moving the tournament to a different location. Dr. Atul Rai, a former board member and interim chairman of Cricket USA, recently stated to News 18:

“Really not. In my opinion, no. not from our current vantage point. However, the decision must ultimately be made by the ICC. However, without adequate infrastructure, nothing will occur. Since we lack any existing facilities, it is up to the ICC to decide whether to spend money building a temporary venue and even hosting some games. To be honest, though, the situation is quite difficult. ICC has acknowledged that as well.

Due to the impending ODI World Cup, T20 cricket is not receiving much attention at the international level. However, as soon as the 50-over competition in India is done, the spotlight will shift to the shortest format.


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