Nasir Hossain banned for two years over corruption

After he admitted to breaking the anti-corruption code of the Emirates Cricket Board, Bangladeshi cricket player Nasir Hossain was banned by the International Cricket Council from any cricket-related activities for two years.

In September 2023, the ICC charged Hossain for suspected corrupt acts in the 2020–21 Abu Dhabi T10 League, along with seven other cricket players, two co-owners, and two Pune Devils team coaches. Hossain admitted to three charges and was given a two-year suspension, with six months suspended. As of April 7, 2025, he is free to resume playing cricket.

The accusations made by the ICC, which according to the ECB code is in charge of anti-corruption, are listed below and were accepted by Hossain:

Charge No. 1: Breach of Article 2.4.3 of the Code; he did not notify the Designated Anti-Corruption Official (without needless delay) that he had received a gift valued at more than US$750, specifically a new iPhone 12.

Charge No. 2: He neglected to provide the Designated Anti-Corruption Official with all the information regarding the approach or invitation he got to participate in corrupt conduct using the new iPhone 12. This is a breach of Article 2.4.4 of the Code.

Charge No. 3: Breach of Article 2.4.6 of the Code; he failed or refused, without compelling reason, to assist the Designated Anti-Corruption Official in their investigation of potential corrupt conduct under the Code. This included but was not limited to, failing to provide the Designated Anti-Corruption Official with all information and/or documentation that they requested, whether in the form of a formal demand made in accordance with Article 4.3 or otherwise.

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