Kentucky vs Florida Rivalry in Football

Although the rivalry between Florida and Kentucky in football may not be as long-standing as some others, it is nonetheless one in which both teams aim to win.

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In the fifth week of the 2023 season, the Florida Gators are getting ready to play the Kentucky Wildcats. After suffering a setback against Utah to start the season, the Gators bounced back to defeat McNeese State, Tennessee, and Charlotte in three straight games.

Transfer to Wisconsin:  This season, Graham Mertz was selected to start at quarterback for the Florida Gators. Mertz enjoyed a respectable run as Wisconsin’s starting quarterback over the previous two seasons. In his four games this season as the starting quarterback for the Gators, he has amassed 951 passing yards and four passing touchdowns.

Conversely, the Kentucky Wildcats are riding a four-game winning streak going into their Week 5 matchup against Florida. They looked good going into week five, having won each of those games with ease.

Devin Leary, a transfer from NC State, has been the Wildcats’ starting quarterback. Leary transferred to Kentucky this season after joining NC State in 2018. During his time there, he spent a few years as a QB1, amassing 1,060 passing yards and nine throwing touchdowns.

Although the Wildcats are the apparent favorites to defeat Florida in week five, the Gators have won 53 of the previous 20 meetings in the rivalry.

A detailed analysis of the rivalry between Kentucky and Florida is provided here: 

Kentucky vs. Florida: Head-to-head record

With 53 victories to Kentucky’s 20 in the rivalry, the Gators are in the lead. In spite of this, the Wildcats have triumphed over the Gators in their last two meetings; their most recent victory occurred at Florida’s home stadium last year, where they were defeated 16–26.

The two teams’ greatest performances in this SEC matchup

The greatest victory Florida has ever had over Kentucky came from a crushing 73-7 scoreline in the 1994 season. However, their greatest victory came against the Gators in 1949 when Kentucky defeated them 0-35.

When did Florida last triumph over Kentucky?

The inaugural meeting in the rivalry between Florida and Kentucky took place in 1917, and the Gators ultimately lost 0-52. The Gators’ most recent victory was against the Wildcats 34–10 on their home pitch in 2020.

This coming Saturday, can the Gators break Kentucky’s winning streak?

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Kentucky vs Florida Rivalry FAQs

1) In football, has Kentucky ever defeated Florida?

The football rivalry between Florida and Kentucky has intensified recently as a result of Kentucky ending the Florida Gators’ 31-year winning run against them. Kentucky has prevailed in four of the last six meetings between the two, despite how lopsided the football series is.

2) When was the last time Florida was defeated by Kentucky in a swamp?

GAINESVILLE, Virginia Kentucky beat No. 25 Florida 27-16 on Saturday night in the Swamp to snap college football’s fourth-longest losing run in history. 

3) Is there a record of Florida victories?

The 1911 Gator football team was the only one in the history of the sport to go unbeaten in a season, and fittingly, every member of that team was a native of Florida.


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