How to bet on football- beginners guide

Utilize our football betting guide, which provides you with all the information you require to wager on the game.

In the UK, football continues to be the sport on which bets are most frequently placed, accounting for 40% of all wagered. Because there are so many games happening all around the world, bettors can place wagers on a variety of markets. Betting websites provide some excellent discounts and aggressive odds. Many different bettors need to understand these marketplaces in order to ensure they have the knowledge necessary to make wise judgments. This page serves as a comprehensive reference to football betting, arming readers with the information necessary to engage in it.

Explanation of football betting odds

It can be difficult to comprehend football odds when you initially sign up for a new betting site. The link between your bet and the potential profits for a particular outcome is represented by the odds. These chances are set by the bookmakers, and if you decide to wager on that specific result, you will use these odds to determine your possible winnings. 

Odds can be presented as decimals (3.0 is equivalent to 2/1 as a fractional price), but they are more frequently written as fractions (e.g., 2/1). The bookmaker you are using to place your bets gives you the freedom to select how the odds are displayed. 

For instance, if the odds for a game are 2/1, you will also get your initial wager back in addition to receiving £2 for every £1 you bet. If you place the identical wager with decimal odds of 3.0, you will get a total payout of £3 for every £1 you staked.

Football betting strategies

Numerous professional football games are played every week all over the world, and bookies offer a wide choice of odds on almost every facet of these games. 

These include wagers on the results of individual games and wagers on particular game-related occurrences like the total number of goals scored, corners won, red and yellow cards shown, and individual goal scorers. 

Throughout the year, a number of bookmakers provide customers with ongoing promotions and odds that are competitive, frequently with raised odds for big football games. 

When a game’s result is known and your wager is a winner, you are given your initial wager, and any winnings are determined by the odds. The football market offers a variety of bet kinds, including accumulators that let you combine many picks into a single high-odds wager. 

This option is available on most football betting websites. There is no one optimal way to gamble on the sport due to the huge range of possibilities available. In the end, it is up to the person making the wagers. Bet builders are a relatively new and interesting feature that lets you make high-odds bets. 

Football betting online: Match betting

Predicting whether a game will end in a home win, away win, or a draw is the most basic type of football wagering. It’s crucial to remember that this forecast pertains to the outcome following 90 minutes of regular play. You will not be paid out if you bet on the home team to win and they only succeed after extra time and on penalties since the game will be deemed a draw.

How to determine a team’s home or away location when betting

The home team will be listed first on bookmakers’ fixture lists, followed by the away team, with a draw market in between the two.

What various football wagers are there?

  • Player data and a bet builder for the same game with multiple players
  • Asian h/d wager
  • Double chance at halftime and at full-time
  • Accumulators
  • Goalscorers
  • The true result, Scorecast, and Wincast
  • Over/Under wagering
  • No Drawn Bet
  • Specials on player and manager transfers
  • In-game wagering


Football betting strategy: Bet builder/same game multiple

One of the most well-liked improvements to football betting is bet builders, which are increasingly becoming the method of choice for many bettors. 

These bets, also known as same-game multis, let you combine results from a single game rather than across several games, giving you an accumulator-like experience. Combining picks raises the risk, but it also gives you a chance to take advantage of your familiarity with both teams and provide tempting odds. 

How to gamble on football: player stats and props

The introduction of a comprehensive collection of markets for numerous Premier League and international matches serves as a means to demonstrate how the football betting industry has continued to develop. These markets, which are distinct from those for goals or cards, allow bets on players to make a specific number of shots, tackles, and even offsides.

There is now also the ability to wager on how many passes a player completes during a game, which may be an interesting wager to monitor and permits clients to conduct their own research prior to placing the particular wager.

How to wager on football games: place an Asian handicap wager

Your selection has a “handicap” to overcome in an Asian handicap bet, and what distinguishes this type of wager from others is that it completely excludes the possibility of a draw.

Each team is given a plus or minus number by the bookies to indicate their handicap. There are two types of handicaps: full goals (such as +1 or -2) and half goals (+0.5 or -1.5). 

Football betting guidelines: halftime/fulltime

You can wager on either the first half’s outcome or the second half’s outcome. For one or both halves, you can wager on the home team, the away team, or the draw.

Football fans who think particular teams consistently start or finish games strongly or weakly may find this wager to be appealing. With this particular type of wager, having knowledge about the starting lineups and pertinent teams, such as if key players are on rest or absent due to injury, can be a huge competitive advantage.

Beginner’s guide to football wagering: Double chance

To boost your chances of winning, you can wager on two of the game’s three possible outcomes. The pairings are:

  • Team at home or a tie
  • Away team or a tie
  • Away team or home team

This gives you further protection since, if either of your combinations wins, you will receive your whole payout. The odds, however, which will be lower than in single-match outcome markets, will reflect this. 


It’s really simple to start betting on football as soon as you join because there are a wide variety of markets available and numerous bookmakers to select from.

As long as you keep betting on the hundreds of thousands of football games played worldwide, you may have a lot of fun as long as you don’t venture outside of your comfort zone. The greatest method to make money and prevent the disappointment of losing is to choose bets that offer good value. You may now increase the thrill of watching football by placing a wager, but please exercise caution when doing so.

A list of frequently asked questions about football wagering

1) What is the simplest wager to place?

The match result market is the easiest to understand in sports. Simply said, the outcome of the game will determine whether you win if you back either team to win or draw.

2) What is the greatest website for football predictions?

We create a wager of the day for gamblers every day of the week, usually at odds of evens, that we think has the best possibility of succeeding based on careful study.

3) Which football betting option is the best?

Unfortunately, there is no simple solution for football betting. There are no guarantees in betting, as there never are. Instead, it is advisable to research the probabilities and the format before making your own choice and utilizing this in-depth manual.

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