Draft Grade Fantasy Football

Mock drafts in fantasy football: what are they?

A fun approach to get practice before a fantasy draft is to do mock drafts. They can be useful for testing various strategies and predicting player movements. With the FantasyPros Draft Simulator, you can finish mock drafts in a matter of minutes, whereas a conventional mock draft can take more than an hour to complete.

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The Draft Simulator: What is it?

You may prepare for your draft effectively by using our fantasy football draft simulator. Drafting against our computer algorithm—which chooses randomly from expert cheat sheets and ADP sources—is comparable to working on a live mock draft. Snake, linear, third-round reversal, custom draft orders, and salary cap drafts are among the supported mock draft formats.

The Draft Analyzer: What is it?

You can instantly analyze both your mock and real drafts with our fantasy football draft analyzer. It provides you with a brief overview of how your team compares to the opposition. Together with an overview of your greatest selections, steals, and reaches, you also get a breakdown of your team’s advantages and disadvantages.

Can I examine drafts of fantasy football from other websites?

Yes, any draft that you have manually tracked or synchronized with our Draft Assistant can be used with the Draft Analyzer. Additionally, it is compatible with mock drafts generated by our Draft Simulator as well as those from FFC Calculator, ESPN, Yahoo, and CBS.

What is the basis for the Draft Score?

The total value over replacement player (VORP) is the basis on which we score the draft. Basically, what is the difference in worth between the players on your roster and those who are easily available on waivers following your draft? The total fantasy points gained over the replacement team on waivers is known as the Draft Score. We offer three viewpoints regarding the Draft Scores: 1) based on Your Cheat Sheet; 2) based on FantasyPros ECR; and 3) based on our Expert Survey.

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Draft Grade Fantasy Football FAQs

1) What is an Analyzer for Drafts?

Your real and mock drafts can be instantly analyzed by the Draft Analyzer. It breaks out your strengths and shortcomings and provides you with a fast overview of how your team performs.

2) Which drafts are compatible with the Draft Analyzer?

  • Our Draft Simulator’s mock drafts
  • Yahoo, ESPN, CBS, and FF Calculator mock drafts
  • Use our manual Draft Assistant to track the whole draft, whether it’s a mock or a real draft.
  • Drafts that you synced with using our Draft Sync Assistant w/ Sync and actual drafts from ESPN

3) On what basis is the Draft Score determined?

Our brilliant consensus estimates serve as the foundation for every draft study. The projected results are used to determine each team’s predicted performance at each key stat category. From there, we compute each player’s VORP (value above the replacement player), which we utilize to create our draft score and display your team’s relative performance to the opposition.


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