Arjuna Ranatunga: “Jay Shah has destroyed Sri Lankan cricket.”

Following the government’s meddling in the board’s internal affairs, the ICC suspended Sri Lanka Cricket, dealing a severe blow to the sport. Notably, following an embarrassing performance in the ICC World Cup 2023, Sri Lanka’s Minister of Sports Roshan Ranasinghe fired the whole board. Arjuna Ranatunga, the captain of Sri Lanka’s 1996 World Cup-winning squad, recently accused BCCI secretary Jay Shah of controlling the Sri Lankan Board. 

Ranatunga said in a recent interview that Jay Shah’s tight relationship with SLC officials is what led to this predicament. The relationship between Jay Shah and SLC officials, Ranatunga continued, has given the BCCI the idea that they can rule and dominate SLC. 

Ranatunga continued by asserting that Jay Shah is effectively in charge of Sri Lanka Cricket and that SLC has been ruined by his influence. Additionally, he underlined that Jay Shah’s influence stems from his father, India’s Home Minister Amit Shah.

The Daily Mirror cited Ranatunga as saying, “BCCI believes they can dominate and manipulate SLC due to the connection between SLC officials and Jay Shah.” The former world champion said, “Jay Shah’s influence on Sri Lanka Cricket is detrimental as he wields power due to his father’s position.” 


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